Part 2

Where there’s Smokers, There’s Brown

If you can see auric fields, you will note that when a person smokes, their auric field turns a shade of brown. Since smokers tend to be more nervous than others, they subconsciously feel the brown in and around them when they smoke, thus creating a grounding, calming feeling for them. If you smoke and want to reduce the number of cigarettes you use or even quit smoking, try this:

Every time you feel the urge to light up a cigarette, take a few cleansing breaths and surround yourself inside and out with brown. Hold the color until you start feeling the calming, grounding effects. If done properly, your urge to smoke will dissipate and be eliminated. By using this method every day, your need to smoke will eventually disappear. You can also visualize a cigarette with a big brown X through it. That tells the mind-pattern that this image is no longer acceptable. You can actually use this method with whatever you are trying to eliminate from your mind and life. (cont’d)