Part 2 

Ice blue has many benefits to the body. For example, if you have a fever, you can visualize ice blue in and around your body to reduce or eliminate the high temperature. You can use ice blue in areas of pain or swelling to reduce those symptoms or completely remove them from the body. Ice blue is also helpful in reducing blood pressure and stopping bleeding in any part of the body. Ice blue can make you feel cold, so use it for this purpose as well. Use visual aids of ice blue whenever as needed. Eventually, you will be proficient enough to just think about it and use it at will.

One of the negative side-effects of ice blue is if you hold it in the heart chakra area for too long, it can lead to depression. As with everything, practice knowing when the color is needed and when it is time to stop using it.

Ice blue can help you in a variety of personal, educational and professional ways. Explore the color to see what it can do for you.  END