Part 1

The month of September brings the reopening of schools.  Businesses gear up for an active holiday season which is quickly approaching. One of the biggest issues in education and the business world is that of communication. This is a major challenge as people must communicate properly with each other and with the community that they serve.

A color that is helpful to both the educational system and to business, as well as to the individuals within them, is ice blue which has a function of communication. Ice blue can be used by educators in their quest to communicate their ideas and concepts to students and colleagues alike. Businesses can use ice blue in signage and store décor to better communicate the function of their products to their clientele.

Everyone can use ice blue in one capacity or another. This is why in the physical body it is centered in the throat, or thyroid chakra, area. Activating ice blue in the throat chakra opens the verbal centers of the brain to give you the words to speak. Always practice being tactful and honest when you communicate. Ice blue also strengthens and heals all the organs in the throat area.

Ice blue is a color that is rarely used or understood. Ice blue is extremely versatile and helpful in so many ways. Many people are not able to visualize this color properly, Think of a blue topaz in sunlight or the ice pack that you have in your freezer. (cont’d)