Part 1

You may find that each month of the year has a color most closely related to it. For the month of May, the color of Medium Green, like freshly fertilized grass, is most appropriate. Medium Green represents oxygen which helps all living things to grow, flourish, and be nurtured. 

Mother’s Day, which is always in the month of May in the US, represents a celebration of nurturing and growth. Thinking of your Mother may bring up all kinds of thoughts and memories;  some pleasant and perhaps some that challenge your emotions and connections. This is a great opportunity for you to bring healing and balance to this aspect of your life.

Mentally place the color Medium Green in the heart chakra band, located between the collar bone and sternum. Observe how the color makes you feel. Observe what thoughts and emotions surface into your mind. Think about which thoughts and emotions you would like to keep and grow, and which ones need to be released. Take a few minutes to write your observations down so that you can think about them later. (cont’d)