Part 1

Do you know that each month of the year has a color most closely related to it? For the month of June, the color Pale Yellow such as forsythia and scotch broom flowers, is most appropriate. Pale Yellow represents the sun or masculine side of nurturing. Everything on the Earth needs the sun to grow. Through growth comes learning, understanding, absorption, and acceptance, or assimilation. 

Father’s Day, which is in the month of June, is a celebration of the masculine side of Creation. Thinking of your Father may bring up all kinds of thoughts, emotions, and memories; some pleasant and some that challenge your own understanding and acceptance of self. Who you are today is a direct result of what you absorbed and understood about yourself as a child under the influence of your Father figure.

Pale Yellow is closely associated with the solar plexus section of the body which is located from the sternum to the navel. There are several organs of digestion/absorption located in this area, each with its own set of symbolisms. For example, the pancreas represents your ability to process or reject your happiness in life. If you are diabetic it means that you are unable to feel the happiness in your life. (cont’d)