Part 2

 The gall bladder symbolizes bitterness. If you suppress or do not express this emotion properly, you may wind up with gallstones. The stomach is symbolically used to store what you are learning about yourself in life while the intestinal tract is the method of slowly understanding and accepting this information. The spleen creates blood cells and represents your ability to nourish yourself and support life. The lower lobes of the liver are your method of processing current experience.

Each day, practice visualizing the color Pale Yellow permeating and surrounding this section of the body. This enhances the physical energy and supports your assimilation of knowledge and experience.  Whenever you have a physical issue in this part of the body, ask yourself what part of experience or information that you just learned are you rejecting or questioning?  Trust the first image or response that comes to mind. 

Make June your month of self-exploration and understanding. As you look at Nature around you, observe how that reflects your inner self. Enjoy the process! END