Part 1

Royal Blue is a wonderful color to associate with the month of August, especially if you live near the water. On a sunny August day, the water can look a deep royal blue, perfect for diving into, either mentally or physically.

Energetically, Royal Blue is the color of the Pineal Gland area which encompasses the top of the forehead to just below the nostrils. Any problems that you have in that area of the head can be alleviated by visualizing Royal Blue in that place, especially including eyes, ears, and nose. For example, if your eyes feel strained, mentally close your eyes and flood them with Royal Blue to relax and revitalize them.

If you have a vision issue, make it a point to mentally hold the color of royal blue in your eyes everyday for 33 seconds to help correct the imbalance. If you have a summer cold, allergy, or sinus issue, visualize Royal Blue in the nose and sinus area. Swimmer’s ear?  Use Royal Blue to see the difference. Holding Royal Blue in the brain helps build and strength your mental faculties, as well as improve concentration and memory.

You can also wear the color Royal Blue to help enforce your mental work and to use it as a visual aid. Add it to your décor, both home and at work, to increase mental productivity. Using Royal Blue in the brain also helps to balance the left and right brain hemispheres, as well as regulate the Pineal Gland which acts as the regulator for the endocrine and hormonal systems.  (cont’d)