Part 2

If you have an interest in dolphins, you will enjoy reading Stewart’s Healer’s Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace  which specifically discusses how to use the color Royal Blue to communicate with dolphins, either up close or at a distance.

Holding Royal Blue in your mind as you fall asleep leads you into interesting and fascinating dreams. Royal Blue is the entry code color into higher levels of awareness. If you like to meditate, you might enjoy visualizing Royal Blue in the brain at this time. You may be surprised at the information you receive as new pathways are activated which allow new solutions to old challenges to surface. Create new and interesting uses for the color Royal Blue as you explore its various capacities.

If you like to swim and have the opportunity to dive into Royal Blue water, enjoy the enhancement of the water effects. You will be amazed and intrigued at the depth and breadth of the color Royal Blue. Happy August!

*Do you know what color you need in your life for balance and well-being? Most people do not realize that the energy field is comprised of seven basic colors; eight when you consider the brown on the bottom that ties you to the Earth’s gravitational field. These colors fit around you in a cylindrical tube. When in proper sequence they restore and enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  END