Part 1

Physical realities are the natural Self-Compartmentalizations of God-Mind exploring Itself. In True Reality, God-Mind can never separate from Itself, only create this illusion for the purpose of exploring Its own totality. Physical realities provide a vehicle for this Grand Internal Dissection.

Every species of plant, animal, mineral, and physical being that exists is a compartmentalization/subpersonality of God-Mind. A part of God-Mind becomes the species to understand and know Itself through experiential exploration. Every individual within the species is a cell within God-Mind, each one unique with at least one differentiating characteristic from all others. God-Mind “isolates” Itself, cell by cell, for Self-Exploration. In this way, each subpersonality within God-Mind continually explores and defines Itself.

For example, there are 20,000 known species of butterflies alone. Within each of these 20,000 known species, there is every variation that can possibly be imagined. This species is really a compartmentalization of God-Mind, twisting and turning on a Self-Exploratory journey. (Cont’d)