Part 2 

Physical beings are merely another compartmentalization/subpersonality of God-Mind.

Every type of physical being that you can imagine exists somewhere, someplace. In Its quest for Internal Knowledge, physical beings are continually compartmentalized into more subpersonalities of God-Mind so that It can continue Its Self-Exploration.

On the soul-personality level, this compartmentalization is enhanced via the illusion of separation. As a cell within a subpersonality of God-Mind, the individual stays focused in its own compartment via this illusion.

Within this illusion, the soul-personality asks the following questions:

What is separation from God-Mind?

From my Oversoul?

From my parents?

From my family?

From myself?

From a physical body?

From others?

How many ways can I separate from others?

How many ways can I separate from myself?

How many ways can others separate me from myself?

Keeping this in mind, understand that group or individual mind-control is a continuation of the compartmentalization process.

Mind-control is another way that the illusion of separation is perpetuated so that compartmentalization can occur. (Cont’d)