Part 3

When you think that you cannot compartmentalize/separate anymore, you find out that you can. The sub-personality of God-Mind must explore Its ability to compartmentalize until It cannot compartmentalize any more. Every cell must compartmentalize until there are no more ways left to compartmentalize. Only then can Its exploration be complete.

Consider the following simplified model:

God-Mind compartmentalizes into Oversouls

Oversouls compartmentalize into soul-personalities

Soul-personalities compartmentalize into subpersonalities/alters

Subpersonalities/alters compartmentalize ad infinitum

Each compartmentalization perpetuates the illusion that it is separate from the whole. These compartmentalizations allow all aspects of God-Mind to continually experience Itself via the illusion of separation.  In this artificially created scenario, the soul- personality becomes angry and despondent as it seemingly wanders further and further away from its Source. It is so fully immersed in the illusion that it looks to find its way “back” to God-Mind. (Cont’d)