Part 4 

 When the soul-personality is compartmentalized as much as it deems necessary, either by self or others, then it is time to create another illusion—that of “unification.” The reverse process happens. As each piece “reintegrates,” each cell brings its own unique set of knowledge to add to the whole.

Now, the “pieces come together” and the whole understands the totality of Itself through unification.

Consider this simplified model:

Subpersonalities/alters unify with other subpersonalities/alters

Subpersonalities/alters unify with main soul-personality

Soul-personality unifies with Oversoul

Oversoul unifies with God-Mind

This is the natural rhythm of the Universe, or the Breath of God-Mind. As God-Mind breathes Itself out, the soul-personality feels itself moving “away” from God-Mind. As God-Mind breathes Itself in, the soul-personality rides the breath “back” to its Source. As a microcosm of the macrocosm, the physical body replicates this breathing in and out. (Cont’d)