Part 5

Compartmentalization occurs on the Out-Breath. 

Unification occurs on the In-Breath.

Both answer the same question from a different perspective.

Together, they are the answer. 

In True Reality there is only One Soul.

This One Soul can never separate from Itself. 

Compartmentalization via the illusion of separation is the best that It can do.

Unification is only an illusion as well, as God-Mind can never separate from Itself in True Reality.

Have you ever heard someone say that he/she is “only a novice” or a “beginner” when it comes to metaphysics? 

Or, “I wish I could communicate with my Oversoul and/or God-Mind?” 

These people are definitely “into” the illusion of separation! 

 There are no novices or beginners! 

 Everyone is in communication with his/her Oversoul and God-Mind!  

There is no separation!

 Only illusion that allows the continual, fascinating process of Self-Exploration. END.