I found out today that all the tattooed people were about to attend the tattoo expo that was on not far from where we were. I guess they can hold expos for anything these days!

My isolation in a crowd came to an end this morning after I decided to reach out and get some feedback from the worlds greatest mentors. A gentle shove, better than a kick up the backside, was all I needed and within 10mins I went from isolation to easily sociable. It wasn’t really that quick, it had begun the night before with memories rising. In the distant past I had pleaded with abusers to leave me alone, they never listened to me. Decades later this manifested to being left alone in a crowd. The aha came within a short time this morning as I was walking out the door for the last day of Convention.

Well.. I could talk at length about the information I received over the last 2 days. doTERRA are on a mission to change the world, and they’re doing so. They’re on the ground assisting Haiti after the hurricane went through. They had a well dug and were there when the tap was turned and fresh, clean water came out.

In Kenya, the women walk miles, subject to crocodiles and rape to get a bucket of dirty water. A young child lost her arm to a crocodile. doTERRA put in facilities for fresh water. Once again, a tap is turned, but this time, no dirty water, crocodiles or rape.

It doesn’t end there.. as I said I could talk at length.

I spent lunch with some friends from the country town I used to live in. I went searching for them physically. It turned out to be a therapeutic lunch for all of us.

I was thinking I’d be on my own again for dinner and was comfortable with that. Next thing I knew 7 women from QLD, one from northern NSW, were sitting next to me. I looked at them and said “well, hello..” and that was all it took. Group photos of happy, gorgeous women were taken.

What are some of the strangest Expo’s you’ve encountered?

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?

We’ve been talking about water on Janet’s blog, and then I hear 2 stories about water today! What does clean water mean to you?


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