Part 3

When you realize that “things” are not inanimate objects, you begin to understand the true, intrinsic value of what are considered “material possessions.”

Each material possession has its own frequency,  or energy stream, that passes through it. When you take specific energy streams and arrange them in a specific way, you create a new energy stream that allows specific events to occur.

This is exactly what the Illuminati does when it creates rituals. It has a specific goal that needs to be accomplished. The Illuminati know how to put together specific energy streams to bring the goal into fruition.

There is a recipe to follow for specific results.  This includes mixing  the energy streams of specific people, geographic locations, and “things.” This is accomplished in conscious awareness.

You create your own energy arke every day, except you probably do not do this in conscious awareness. Every piece of clothing you wear has an energy stream flowing through it.

How you arrange your clothing on your body creates a specific arke of energy. Every piece of food has an energy stream running through it. Every object in your house has an energy stream. (cont’d)



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