Part 4

Your home is one giant arke that if properly put together, creates an extremely powerful energy arke. And, if you create your home on a geographic location that is in alignment with your frequency, the boost of this battery pack is even more powerful.

Once you extend your concepts beyond the body, beyond your auric field, and start exploring energy streams, you realize how much more there is to the overall force of Creation.

You also understand why it is important that everything you do is done with purpose, intent, understanding and awareness.

As you learn to gain this knowledge through experiential learning, rather than through linear learning, the process is fantastically enhanced.

Modalities such as feng shui begin to teach you about creating arkes, but again, your actions are led by what the book says. This leads your attention outward instead of inward.

What if you like your desk in a specific position but the book says this is not good? What if you are correct and the book is incorrect?  (cont’d)


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