January 27 & 29, 7PM-8PM Eastern Time

Have you, or someone you know and love, been involved in a cult or an abusive relationship? Do you know how cults and abusive relationships are alike? This ground-breaking Webinar will give you information to protect your Self and/or your loved ones from Cult & Abusive Relationship “Mind-Control”. Janet and Stewart, together, have dealt with 100s of people through the years who have left mind-control situations, including cults/cult-like organizations and abusive relationships. Both Janet and Stewart have been pulled into relationships on many levels from family, “friends”, and colleagues who utilized cult-like techniques to try to gain control over them. Find out how they extricated themselves and what you, too, can do for your Self or your loved ones.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and define a cult
  • How people get sucked into cults and abusive relationships
  • How to identify and define an abusive relationship before you get involved with one—or at least shortly thereafter so you can extricate yourself asap.
  • What traits and characteristics to look for in possible cults and abusive relationships
  • How to get out of cults and abusive relationships using Hyperspace/Oversoul techniques
  • How to deal with leftover trauma of cults and abusive relationships
  • What mind-patterns attract cults and abusive relationships to you and loved ones

Once you register, you are invited to send in your questions, comments, and concerns for Janet and Stewart’s consideration so that your specific questions can be incorporated into the talk they give to the group. The sooner you get your information to them, the easier it will be to incorporate what you need to know into their talk.

Save your space.  Register NOW! 

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