Dark night of the Soul is a term that has been around for a long time. There was a period in which people sought for this to happen believing it led to enlightenment and all knowing. Some people believe that once they’ve experienced their own darkness then that’s the end of it and life will be different thereafter.

There are many layers to every scenario in life and the emotions that are triggered. The adage of there’s always two sides to every story isn’t quite true. There are multiple layers to every story.

This ties into experiences that are looping. When we recognise a theme behind a situation and think ‘this again?’. Sometimes it is this again, though if you are doing Self work, you might detect a different meaning to the same theme. We truly are like onions!

For the past month I’ve been encountering a ‘darkness’ within that I had begun to label as ‘ugly’ and it was causing much fear and distress, I was unable to move past it. Fear has the power to suppress, which doesn’t help because it will erupt sometime, somewhere, emotionally or physically.

Despite being frightened of what I was finding, I kept digging into it. I want to know what’s holding me back. The more I talked about it, other friends began to talk about experiencing similar emotions. This is why it helps to talk, because once we know we’re not the only ones going through a ‘rough patch’ it seems to become easier.

Yesterday morning I had some quiet time to myself and I took advantage of it. Those same feelings of darkness and fear came up only this time I breathed through it and relaxed. It was quite fascinating to observe these feelings continue to come up, move past my observation and continue up and out. I was busy looking to see what was underneath. There was nothing to fear.

Many memories passed through my mind and I was able to look at them from a different perspective, which has enabled me to learn.

This morning I was thinking about an awareness I’d had yesterday evening. I’d remembered that there was a time when I was young when I had felt confident, knowing and worthy. I wondered what had happened for me to lose that. I went back to that memory and began looking at it from an adult’s perspective. I received much awareness in return. Many memories of ‘dark deeds’ came up, I kept asking questions and was gaining great insights without judgement.

Many people are overwhelmed or traumatised by their own ‘darkness’ and this is a result of fearing what others will think, which is about judging Self. So what if others judge you? Do you honestly think they’re sparkly and innocent themselves?

Maybe you want to be judged. Have you thought of that?

Everyone has ‘good’ and ‘bad’ within. We’ve been imprinted from a young age knowing what’s ‘good’ behaviour and what’s not.

Do you think it’s possible to be ‘good’ all the time?

How would life be different if you believed ‘good’ behaviour was ‘bad’ and vice versa?

Are there people who do think like that?

If so, why do you think we’re not all alike?

Have ever seen your ‘darkness’?

What did you do about it?

Do you think it’s possible to experience more than one ‘dark night’ or to just have one?

Why does ‘dark night of the soul’ happen?


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