Humanity, I am disappointed at you. Not for what you have done, but for what you haven’t done. It is more than failure that you have suffered from, it is more than guilt that you should feel. Every man, every woman that came before you, lived their lives in hope for a better future, there was a sense of duty in the fellowman. Where one generation ended, another one continued, on and on for eons of time. Knowing what you know today, feelings that fills your hearts, everywhere we turn, everywhere we go.

You’d be a fool not to admit that you have failed. You have failed to communicate, you have failed to reciprocate, you have failed the simply task of taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, you have failed to do what is right, you have failed to act on what has been wrong, you have turned a blind eye to the things that makes you human. Your spirituality. You put our hope in glitter and fame, for those in power, this is what they have created for you to strive for, NOTHING. Politicians have been around for thousands of years, promising you and your ancestors a better life. The mob has clouded your judgement and your courage. All the children on this planet, look up to you for guidance, for shelter and for inspiration. And what have you done?

You have failed the children that trust in your leadership…

The bright flames coming into to this reality are trying to burn in a raging storm, no longer able to burn, they go out in a flash. One might remember the simple question: Where do the light go when you switch off the light?

Whatever the brightest answer that one could deliver, the most simple one is to realize the fact, that whatever the light may go, you only have to flick the switch and the light comes back. You flick the switch and the light comes back, you light the flame and and it burns again. I am not disappointed because you have let the young flames of this reality burn out, it is because you haven’t taken your responsibility and given the flame a spark to burn again. If you are able to read this, you know that I am right, and the guilt you feel, is what makes you human.

Now you know that ones upon a time, that flickering flame was you, that chilling wind sweeping your hopes and dreams away from you, was you, and I know that you have felt it, you remember it. Inside of you is a child, begging you to grow up, to grow strong in confidence and in statue. Perhaps you have failed to do just that, to grow up your inner child?

And that is why I am disappointed in you Humanity, you have failed to take care of the child inside of you.

Generation of children has failed before you, generations that follow will do the same. No more guilt can be held for that cause. No matter how many fingers that are pointed, you only need one, pointed within. What have you done for yourself, have you taken care of the child within, have you given respect to yourself, the respect that you deserve. The only thing that needs to change in this world, is the way you treat yourself.

Do you have kindness, do you inspire, have you ones done something that mirrored your courage?

But more important, what have you done for yourself?

Have you taken the time to ask what you need to do in order to have peace within?

Have you challenged the painful memories that is held in your heart, filling your eyes with tears every time you remember?

Have you admitted yourself to let child within cry for what it went through?

Never forget that you are here on borrowed time, one day your time is up and it is time to move on. What you leave behind is for the future to judge, but can you accept that you lived your life, never switching the flick back on inside of yourself.

There is no such thing as a perfect person, but there is an immortal honor for those who dare to let the flame burn, for those who give it their best. When the flame burns, you know in your heart what you need to do, how to live your life. You don’t waste your time on what adds to the storm, but you help others to burn as bright as you are. Help others in order to help yourself, the child within begs you to take that first step.

An act of kindness is an act of bravery. And as history has taught us, one mans bravery can move mountains. But a mob of bravery can change the world. One has to make the decision to be one who dares, one who dares to believe in themselves. If men and woman around the globe decide to make that decision, no matter how much doubt that bend their knees. You might have a chance to create a world where young flames can flicker in the wind of God, the wind of the brave. How big that vision might grow in your mind, know that it can’t be done without you. We can release our suffering together. But you must start with yourself.

Humanity, I belive in you…

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