A 12 month! A month with all of the frequencies in it!
A perfect month for finishing all of the release work you have been doing in 2013, a 6 year – A year to complete old cycles and bring in new ideas and a great month to foster your new ideas & vision.

A perfect month for releasing all that is no longer necessary and for pulling in and putting together everything that you have been working on bringing forward into your life this year. Utilize the 12 frequency to prepare and put into motion your New Beginnings in January, a “1” month. and 2014 year, a year of completion, perfection & physical reality!

Complete, Perfect & Manifest those New Ideas & Visions from this year! Make the most of the December “12” frequency to lay the foundation for January, 2014!
012014 = 8 Oversoul frequency!
Again, use December to prepare January!

What better way to make use of this empowering frequency than to enroll in our Jan “Hyperspace Oversoul Extravaganza”! Only a few weeks left to take advantage of our “Early Bird Special! Receive an additional 8% discount in addition to your membership discount.

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