That stands for–Denver International Airport. It is the weirdest airport on Earth. In front, there is a giant horse statue that is dedicated to the “New World Airport Authority”. Who are they?

The airport is decorated with weird murals and tiles with strange languages that no one can identify. There are UFO-like images hanging from the ceiling.

Read the following and look at the images:

There is a huge underground area. The workers who built it were dispersed to various parts of the world. There is enough concrete under DIA to build a six lane highway from Denver to Chicago! Why? What’s underneath there?

The airport is located far from the city. To enter, one must have the car’s license plate scanned. Colorado is known for its strangeness. Besides legalized pot, Bigfoot, UFO reports, underground bases, the shenanigans in Aspen and Vail, the shooting in Littleton, NORAD, the highest security prison on the planet or haunted ranches, the Denver Airport is most likely the strangest location in the mile-high state.

Perhaps DIA really stands for–Denver Is Alien!



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