that there is an animal-mind that governs the human body, keeping it forever locked into survival mode of fight or flight.

The Human Animal-Mind Explained

March 10 & 12,  7:00pm-8:00pm Eastern Time

Discover how the Spiritual Mind is designed to govern and elevate consciousness and why it is in constant conflict with your animal-mind.

Find out how the global handlers use your Animal-Mind to Control YOU and why they view YOU as nothing more than an animal.

Differentiate between “Herd Mentality” and “Pack Mentality”.

Learn Hyperspace tools and techniques to bring resolution between your “Higher Mind” and the “Lower Mind” of your Animal Body.

 You can’t Spring Forward into the NEW  

   when you Fall Back into the OLD 

Your Animal-Mind keeps you tied to YOUR Addictions  

and Old Habit Responses

Find out Why and What YOU CAN DO do to Stop IT

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