Check out these Limited Time Incredible Values
to Assist You in Your Personal Quest
of SELF Discovery, SELF Understanding & Personal Growth

Personal Particulars:  

What “T-Bar” Archetype do you see? Do you want to know for sure?
What “Personal Numbers and Color Codes” best match your Personal Frequency?
Which ones enhance and positively influence your health, wealth, and emotional/mental/spiritual well-being?
Which one of your “Chakra Bands” needs the most attention and Why?
Would you like one “Personal Affirmation” that will help you begin RIGHT NOW?

Reg: $161 NOW $98

Hyperspace Signature:  

Your“Hyperspace Signature” Scan is a set of Archetypes, or geometric shapes, upon which your entire mind-pattern is based.

Study your “Hyperspace Signature” to better understand who and what you are at this moment in time and space. You can make careful decisions about the mind-pattern that creates your frequency, deciding what you want to keep and what you want to discard or change.

                         Reg  $422 NOW $296

Personal Affirmations:

People say that receiving these Personal Affirmations is just like getting a mini-Personal Consultation with Janet!

You know that God-Mind is limitless, and you are a microcosm of the macrocosm,
so it is time for you to actualize your potential!

Just as God-Mind is limitless, so are you!
Now is the time to stop relying on external sources and find your own true internal source of power.

     1 issue – 5 affirmations: Reg: $98  NOW: $53
Additional issues:
– 5 affirmations each:  Reg $71 NOW $44 per issue


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