The New Year is fast approaching and one of the easiest things you can do for your Self is work with your own Personal Affirmations.

In our ‘Self-Healing Group” Webinar, I give affirmations every week for you to write so that you can imprint your energy field with new mind-patterns to bring new solutions to old challenges so you can move on.

Another service I provide is writing custom-designed affirmations for you and your personal issues.  Some people say that this is like a mini-consultation.

You tell me your specific issue and I go to the Oversoul level to get the best frequencies possible to help you get through this issues that block or hinder your personal growth.

5  Personal Affirmations because “5” is the number of healing.

So, if YOU want a “New YOU” in a “New Year”, consider joining my “Self-Healing Group” Webinar, beginning the second session December 30th where a group of like-minded people to gather to work on Self via weekly exercises, visualizations and affirmations that we all discuss together.  You get 4 group meetings plus 30 day access post-meeting so you can listen to the class as man times as you want.  Everyone who joins is a reflection of everyone else–we all learn from each other.  Some people who cannot be on the webinar due to other obligations register, then listen to the link at their convenience and send in the homework so they can here the comments/analysis on the next webinar.  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. I only have room for 20 participants.  Last session we were almost full, so if you want to join, now is the time.

And, if you need another easy boost to your mind-pattern, consider a “mini-consultation” via your very own custom-designed “Personal Affirmations” to help bring a “New YOU” into the “New Year”.

Click here to register for “Self-Healing Group” Webinar  –only a couple of days left–first class begins Wednesday, December 30 at 7PM Eastern time for 1 hour.

Click here to get your own “Personal Affirmations”. 

There’s whole New World coming and I want YOU to be in order! 🙂

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