This is what EmotionOils by Narelle is about. Balance! 

Why do you reach for oils when you’re feeling emotional?

Is it to feel ‘good’? Or to come back into your body? Or to stop feeling ‘bad’?

Feelings don’t last long. We often find ourselves in some sort of emotional state that we don’t want to move beyond, and that emotion could be labelled ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Recognising that you don’t want to move out of it is acknowledging that you have choice. My responses are my responsibility and that’s why I choose to use oils for my emotions. It’s balance I’m looking for and ofttimes that means using a different oil, depending upon the circumstances.

Reaching for the same oil to achieve the same effect doesn’t work. I’ve tried it! Fresh ginger may work to clear depression one day, maybe even the next, but not every time. What’s different? Depression is depression, right? No. What’s underlying the depression, or any emotion? That’s where we need to be looking. This is where essential oils can be used to assist specifically to release tensions, fears, anger, depression, resentment or to show you that you do have self worth, self acceptance, self nurture, self love, self value within you.

Essential oils don’t make me feel certain things, they bring out what’s already within.

I consistently change the oils and blends I use. I’ve noticed that each time I work with an oil I gain more information and after a time it seems to stop. If I leave that oil for a few days or weeks and move onto another one, then come back, away we go and the journey deepens again.

I’ve heard people say that the body becomes tolerant to the oil. Maybe. I see it as the oils are working on a cellular level to create change. As our experiences throughout our life are built up in layers, so they are released in layers and each layer is different. The essential oils work specifically on certain areas/issues and when that layer is released, then another oil is required for the next layer. This is actually why people often use their intuition to know which oil they want.

How did I know the other week that I needed fennel? I would never have known that fennel would release oppression and help me feel productive again, yet that’s the one I reached for right when I needed it most.

I finally explored my favourite blend and I’m not ready to share what it did to me. I don’t fully understand it and have been researching each individual oil in the blend to learn more. I’m not finding what I suspect, which is not surprising, and that has given me the next clue to my research.

Did you know that every oil has an emotional effect? and do you understand why one oil may work for me and differently for you?

Do you use essential oils emotionally?

Do you prefer to use them intuitively or be told which oil to use?

Why is it that so called ‘negative’ feelings seem more challenging?

Do you think anyone would want to stay in that feeling? Or is it more challenging to change?

Why would anyone want to calm down a high vibe feeling?

Do you consider emotions this way or do you just survive each day?

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