Part 1

Many people look at the body as the finite resting place for the soul. Many others choose to look beyond the borders of the body to acknowledge the energy field that surrounds it.

People label this energy field an “aura.” The New Age has pushed the study of the mighty aura forward, encouraging people to spend a lot of time exploring it and the implications of its existence.

When most people develop an awareness of the “aura,” they often stop here, exploring only where they have, once again, been expertly led. As always, when your eyes begin to open, your attention is directed and focused by outside forces. Your vision is narrowed with specific parameters as goals.

To keep moving forward and deeper in your personal growth, it is important that you find new questions to ask, rather than continue asking the same ones over and over again.

The new questions become:

“What is beyond my energy field?

What connects me to my Oversoul and God-Mind?”

Take a moment now to extend your consciousness above your head as far as you can visualize/feel, and below your feet as far as you can visualize/feel. As you do this, you begin to have a greater sense of the energy stream that flows endlessly through the physical body, into the holographic grid of this, and other, realities.  (cont’d)

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