Part 3

Do this with “inanimate” objects. Begin to get a feel for the flow of energy streams that permeate this reality. Look at all that is around you with different eyes. Use your ability to objectively observe.

From a distance, everything appears to be in its proper order. You can see/sense/feel the energy streams that come down from God-Mind, through the Oversoul level, and into this reality and beyond.

Compare this to looking at the Earth from an airplane. From a distance, the Earth looks like it is in order. You can see the clouds, land, and sea. But, as you get closer, you can see that some clean-up work is definitely needed.  This is the same for the energy streams that are around you. As you fine tune your perspectives, take some time to see how these energy streams are inappropriately enmeshed with each other.

Notice how the energy streams of most people, places, and things are not clear and free-flowing, but instead are twisted into each other. (cont’d)


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