Part 5 Conclusion

Energy streams get tangled together. They have substance, form, weight, color, and consistency as well as tone and archetype. They need to be untangled and released so that they can snap back to where they belong.

The more you work on untangling yourself from the energy streams that are intertwined with yours, the faster you will get your answers about yourself, your life work, and your life journey.

You cannot expect to keep looking at everyone else’s “stuff” and then wonder why you cannot figure out who and what you are. You cannot make these determinations when you are congested with multiple energy streams that are not your own.

The cleaner, clearer, and tangle-free that  you can make the energy stream that passes through you, the sooner you will find your life coming into an order that you can understand and accept.

As you do your daily release work, spend some time in the energy stream that flows in and through your physical body. Determine what belongs to your specific stream and what does not.

Letting them go creates a much smoother inner and outer flow.  The more you untangle, the more you come into your own full expression of the Self that is the True You.  The End.

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