In this everything/all possibilities energy month I experiencing any kind of emotion, anxiety, fear and
stress. But I’m working on to take over and control.
After returning from January class full of new information and hope, meeting new wonderful friends, I
got back to my routine work. Like nothing new but nevertheless my work is not easy in winter time.
My emotion jump up on last Friday when I have been informed I be going to Midwest on next week in
very extremely weather, very cold temperature. In the past i deal with something like this many times
but now it feels like something impossible to do. Day and night I’m thinking how I survive this cold
What the mind patterns cause this anxiety and stress?
Why do I deal with this?
Is it the aging effect?
Or maybe because I don’t like to do what I’m doing now any more?
I need to luck deeper inside why I deal with this. January is going to the end, so we preparing slowly
for February. Hope it’s gonna be less stressful.
Is this something you dealing to?

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