I’ve been going to the gym regularly and do a short warm up on a cross trainer machine. It’s rather challenging, but I’m getting better at it. I do love jogging, but I’m aware that I get addicted with that and tend to push myself, so the cross trainer is a different approach that works my whole body. Today a woman chose the machine next to me and I smiled seeing that we were matching colour, tone and archetype – wearing almost exactly the same clothes! Half way through my warm up I was thinking about how awkward the motion was when it dawned on me that woman next to me wasn’t having any issues. I looked closer and she was moving forward, whereas I was moving in reverse. I looked around and there were about 4 of us using the cross trainers and I was the only one going backwards! What was going on?!

I finished my warm up and when the machine stopped I tested it and yes.. it can move in both directions. What on Earth made me naturally go in reverse?!

It crossed my mind if I felt embarrassed, but what was the point? People may have thought I was strange, or they may have thought I was challenging myself for some reason, or they probably hadn’t even noticed and so what if they did?

The past week or so I was becoming aware that I was in a routine that wasn’t achieving anything. I like to be proactive. Well, it was a couple of days ago I received the threatening email. I not only stood my ground, but I used the momentum to push forward. It’s been a bit of stale mate, but all it’s done is slow down my own momentum and I could still see that I was moving proactively.

Yesterday I also became motivated and began making notes for my upcoming Emotion Oils Camp via FB.

Well, this move to push forward in my life has enabled me to notice how I’ve actually been travelling. The point of that was to make the choice of how I want to proceed. I’ve chosen to move forward. That apparent observation and energy shift has resulted in a more positive email coming through this afternoon, aligning with me. Woohoo!

Do you observe your Self throughout the day?

Have you caught your Self doing unusual things and wondered why?

Did you feel embarrassed?

Have you ever analysed your behaviour?

If so, did you learn anything?

Are you able to objectively observe yourself and change your behaviour or actions?

Why would anyone want to observe themselves?

Have you ever noticed change around you resulting from change in your Self?

Do you have a routine?


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