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“Stewart – You have changed my life.“I knew about you and have followed you ever since about a year ago. I have just been recently applying your hyperspace work and it is beginning to find a place within me. The improvements in my life are forever ongoing. The more I practice, the more I realize I ultimately know.

“It really works, Stewart, you are a gift, indeed.”

Carrie B.

“Expansions is my new best friend!!

“Stewart & Janet I would like to thank both of you so much, I just am feeling so much appreciation for the both of you at the moment…Janet I read your book a course in self re-integration..awesome. Stewart I just ordered Stewart Says.. so excited about it. Have been reading the archives of Q & A..Wow, lots of learning, I go to many sites for news and info, but now expansions is my new best friend. Your site is essential reading, you are so on point! And on every subject too…and now the excitement is really bubbling about attending a seminar with you guys.”


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