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  1. Ann Gilson

    I looked up the word “troll ” as I wasn’t clear about that. These comments I got did not appear to be that. They were definitely “for” this event and saw me as raining.on their parade so to speak and live here.and probably going. I like your idea of “what do you think?”

    • Janet Swerdlow

      Believe me, these are TROLLS who do this! I have a lot of experience with them. They attack viciously and relentlessly.

  2. Ann Gilson

    And Stewart you are so funny…”liarwartha”! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. venice

    On June 6 2014 a shooting spree occurred in Las Vegas, 5 people were killed. There were 2 people who committed the killing and the numbers 5 and 6 are in their names.

  4. venice

    On June 8, 2014 there was a previous shooting un Las Vegas, 5 people were killed.

    • Ann Gilson

      Hi Janet and Stewart!

      I listened to your June 29th podcast yesterday. It was kind of uncanny to hear you report on the Dragqueen story hr events happening across the country at libraries
      as there is one happening at local library here in RI advertised on fb. Almost 100 percent of responses on FB were likes with the exception myself and perhaps 3 others…lets say out of 100 responses…
      I went further though and made a comment about confusing our children etc etc and after explaining that no offense towards the person who.might be reading I got a couple of responses back accusing me of this and that and keep my opinions to myself and just don’t go and that I was fearful and stereotyping…sooo that happened yesterday.
      I did not want to comment and theirs went too. I also didn’t want to lose my library never know!
      People just don’t get it and they just don’t know however well intended to embrace inclusion and all.of that.
      What I is do a little research and send something anonymously in the mail with info on what they possibly could be participating in withoit knowing….anyway you soon on the blog!

      • Janet Swerdlow

        There are trolls out there looking for people like you. These people purposefully attack your comments so you do exactly what you did–remove your Self from the discussion so it only looks like most of the comments are positive. How many others did the same thing as you? make your comment and then quickly withdraw? we will never know. But that is the programming….

        • Ann Gilson

          I thought about what you said and you make a good point about the programming. I noticed after I shared what I did the tremendous fear I felt at peoples attack like feel emotions. This has happened before…something around speaking your truth….I think you might have mentioned to me in a consult once being punished or tortured for speaking truth…anyway part of it also is the listening in this case.
          One thing I did do because this drag queen thing across the country is very disturbing to me and what is going on with pushing things on children…..I found a.good article that spoke about the agenda behind it and.a drag queen admiting to “grooming children”, etc etc. and spent an hour trying to figure oit how to post an article on a comment on fb but I did it….perhaps I will get.more.of the same responses but my hope is it will make someone more aware of what is going on and that this isn’t just and light event …

          • Janet Swerdlow

            That is why we say what we say on our podcasts–these are dangerous trends. We get all kinds of attacks but we just delete these comments on our youtube channel. You can always post our podcasts and ask “what do you think?” that doesn’t give your opinion one way or the other but invites others to “think”. You cannot let trolls control you by fear. Just delete THEM and move on! 🙂

  5. Sharon Daiken

    I’ve just watched your August 27th 2017 podcast. You mentioned Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell meeting each other when she was 21 and he was 16. Putting pedophilia out into the general public, to be more readily accepted. It happens in popular books and movies too. In the 50 Shades Grey book and movie, the Christian Grey character mentions responds casually to Ana’s question on how he got started in the BDSM thing. He states that a pal his adopted mother, seduced him at age 15, and made him, HER submissive between ages 15-21. Hence, child abuse, and physical,sexual and emotional abuse by an older woman to a young boy. She was in her 30s, when this happened. We see this as you say more in ‘reality’ where older women teachers are seducing boy pupils, and Emmanuel Macron met his spouse aged 17, and she in her mid 30s.

    • Janet Swerdlow

      I agree! Thank you for sharing.

      • Sharon Daiken

        You’re welcome Janet

  6. Jenny Weeks

    Janet, in the August 6th podcast you mention that “saint” is a Catholic term and to keep an eye out. May I also offer that saint also refers to a baptized member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons). What’s interesting is that this church was founded here in the United States. It is not a branch of any other church. Joseph Smith was visited by 2 heavenly “personages,” who were identical, the Father and the Son, and then received angelic visits yearly until he was presented with gold and brass plates, upon which was written the history of the peoples here on the North and South american continents. Joseph Smith was a mason and the temple ceremony is similar in many ways to certain masonic ceremonies. Also, Brigham Young stated that Adam and Eve were from another planet and that the Creation story in the Book of Genesis was only figurative. It is also in their Pearl of Great Price, that there IS life on other planets and the first male and female of every creation is called Adam and Eve. God lives on a planet closest to a star named “Kolob.” They also teach there isn’t one God but many, generation upon generation. There is too much to go into here but after being an active member of the church for over 30 years and then learning about God-Mind and how creation really happened, I see many similarities with only names being changed. While people look to the Catholic Church, the quiet growth of the Mormon church goes unnoticed. Also, Barack Obama went to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah in April 2015 and held a meeting with higher Church authorities. I thought it interesting that he went to them and not the other way around. I love these podcasts and share them with friends!

    • Janet Swerdlow

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Maybe another book for you could be “An Insider’s Knowledge of the Mormon Church” ???

  7. Bernadette

    Hi Janet,
    So I am hearing a lot about the mind patterns, where does the soul fit in?
    Isn’t it spirit, mind, body follows?

    • Janet Swerdlow

      Yes! Your Soul-personality generates the mind-pattern and the body follows! Great question! 🙂

  8. Lyrae

    I have seen the 26 acres in Texas on TV within the past two years. They actually filmed some of the decaying bodies. There was a human ear and the side of a head exposed. This was so offensive. I think it may have been one of the 20/20 type shows.

  9. Sharon Daiken

    I have just watched podcast 8th May 2017. As good as always. Thanks talking about the trans species man wh had a write up in the UK Daily Mail newspaper. Totally mind controlled individual. Something struck me yesterday, with all the transgendering going on, and taking place in the public eye. Say a man had been changed in his childhood, with castration, and been pumped with womens’ hormones, does the persons mind be that a man or womans. Stewart mentioned that the elites are 50-50 genetic split, and that it is the mind pattern that determines the physical appearance. So an elite person has a Reptilian mind pattern, yet has to maintain a human appearance, he or she ingests human blood and hormones. A male is made into a woman, and has to ingest womans hormones as well as have surgeries to look woman like, and yet this he-she has a man’s mind pattern, men and womens brains are not similar, would that persons physical appearance go to the original male type. The reason I ask this, is because going on photos transgendered men to women, especially those in the public eye, celebrities, or those deemed to be trannies, they don’t appear to age well, and their hormone and cosmetic surgery made visages and bodies look more manly as they get older. Just curious

    • Janet Swerdlow

      The brain can change to anything the mind tells it; the body always follows the mind.

      • Sharon Daiken

        And I suppose many these people are susceptible to the ‘aging programme’, we spoke about. One the ways, people are programmed and their minds go along with it, and their bodies go along with it.

  10. Ann Gilson

    I just wanted to share as you have mentioned about fecal transplants on a past podcast that on a radio station out of Boston it was recently stated that an actual store front has opened in Cambridge Massachusetts where you can go and donate your poop, and receive 40 dollars for doing so!!! I am sure can be googled …:)

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