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Gifting Sale – Pre Order Jonathan J. Swerdlow Book

You, Man, Emotion


A collection of 22 short stories & long-form poems on the human experience

Today’s world is not very human. But we are humans all the same. Our thoughts, our dreams, our aspirations. Everything that we feel. That is what makes us human. And we really aren’t all so different.
We have different experiences. Different thoughts. Different dreams. Different aspirations. I would be cautious, though, to say that we have different feelings. It is our emotions that make us human – who we are is unique; what we are is the same.
The purpose of this collection is to explore that idea: that through different people in different situations, I might share with you certain feelings. Perhaps not my own feelings. Perhaps not those of others. But feelings nonetheless. My goal is to explore what it means to be human. Especially in a not-so-human world.
While the included pieces are often influenced by my own experiences or those of people I know, their purpose is for you to see yourself. To engage in self-reflection. To see yourself in others. To understand yourself and others. I can’t claim that this collection is quite so profound. But I can try. And I would ask of you the same.


You, Man, Emotion – Gifting Sale
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