As a youngster I grew up seeing osteopaths, naturopaths, hands on healers, even podiatrists back then were considered a bit alternative. I was never allowed to speak of these treatments as it wasn’t accepted by the general public and my mother was concerned about how people responded when they found out. That was my first lesson in understanding my childhood wasn’t considered ‘normal’.

These days, nearly everyone has had some form of ‘alternative’ treatment and indeed, natural therapies are becoming increasingly common. Yet there is still a clear line between Western medicine and alternative medicine, despite the fact that more medical practitioners are accepting, and even practising, other methods.

Over the years I’ve encountered people who have experienced remarkable results that Western medicine can’t explain, and many of these people remain silent.

What’s going on? Is this still caution and suppression from childhood? Are people afraid of what doctors and others will say or think of them?

Years ago now, when a ‘miraculous’ result from a therapy I used to practise was confirmed by a chiropractor, our mutual client remained silent about his session with me. I’d had visions of my business booming at this clear indication of my skills. It didn’t happen like that at all.

I’ve discovered that there are layers of acceptance between the growing modalities in the medicine and wellness industries. It used to be Western and alternative. Now, some alternative practices have stepped up to bridge that gap, such as osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture etc and what I have encountered is that there is some degree of judgement in some practitioners towards those they perceive as lower down the alternative medicine scale and yet there are others who are truly bridging the perceived gap.

Just today my father had his annual check up with his eye doctor and he arrived home early and in a good mood. He enthusiastically told me that there was no new growth and when I looked at him he gesticulated, making circling motions around his eyes. Until then, I hadn’t realised he was still using the remedy I had given him last year! Woohoo!!!

No woohoo. His doctor had been unable to explain why there was no new growth and my father hadn’t said anything. He wouldn’t even say to me that the oils were assisting and then he began talking about his next annual visit to the eye doctor.

So, here I was again, in that same situation where a positive result was evident and the client was refusing to share why.

I felt disappointed that my father wasn’t supporting me and I began to walk away. He followed me and this time he asked if twice a day was enough, referring to how often he uses the oil remedy. It was at that moment eye saw it. I was buying into this by making it about me. The truth is, it’s not about me. And in that moment I felt released from the burdens and expectations that I had placed upon mySelf. This was pride coming up and letting that go enabled me to see what the day did have in store for me.

There are 2 formulas that I recommend for cataracts. My father is using a blend of lavender and clove, highly diluted. Apply around the orbital rim and don’t get any in your eyes! If you do, use a soft cloth with FCO or a good quality olive oil and wipe gently over the eyelid. I do advise caution as clove is a hot oil.

The other formula, well, if you follow Stewart and Janet’s blogs, you’ll know what it is.

I only use the best quality CPTG essential oils!

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