Frequently Asked Questions.


Why should I become a member?

For less than a dollar a day, you will have unlimited access to the members video channel, which contains most of our past seminars and webinars. You get a 17% discount on most of our regularly priced products & services, including books & consultations. In addition, you get access to our blogs, question & answer section, daily affirmations and member articles. These all include options for comments, interaction and direct feedback from Janet and Stewart as well as other like-minded members.

How do I change the duration of my membership?

To change your membership duration sign in to your account and click on the Subscriptions link in the left side column. Then click on the Expansions Membership link (in blue) under Subscription Totals. Now choose an option for your Membership Period from the drop down menu – Monthly, Quarterly or Annual.

How do I add my new Credit Card?

To change change/add/delete your Credit Card, sign in to your account and click on the Payment Methods link in the left side column.Click on the Add Payment Method link and enter your new Credit Card details.

How do I view my past orders?

To see your past orders, sign in to your account and click on the Orders link (in blue) in the left side column. You can now click on any View link to see your past order details.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, sign in to your account and click on the Dashboard link (in blue) in the left side column. You can now click on the Cancel button next to your Expansions Membership Plan.

Where To Start

Which videos should I watch first?
Expansions Introductory Videos: This section of our member video channel has a selection of over 10 hours of beginner videos such as:
Hyperspace/Oversoul Basics
Advanced Hyperspace/Oversoul Techniques & Deprogramming
Survivor Surpasser
Which scans/reports are best for a beginner?
Each scan and report provides personal information unique to you.
The Complete Body Scan– allows you to correct any potential health problems – both known and unknown – before they manifest in physical form.
Home Energy Scan-Your home’s energy is compiled into a Master Frequency to determine if this specific address fits Your Personal Frequency.
Geographic Locator Scan– this report will tell you exactly what parts of the Earth resonate with your energy.
Improving Your Finances– Discover the mind-patterns that slow and/or prevent your money flow.
Which books are best read first?
Stewart Says-With his usual direct and provocative style, Stewart A. Swerdlow shares his thoughts and opinions on subjects most often asked about in his global travels.
Decoding Your Life-Achieve extraordinary inner shifts using the world-renowned techniques developed by mystic and spiritual teacher Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow.
The Healers Handbook– The Healers Handbook includes 68 pages of charts, archetype and alphabet dictionaries, name analysis descriptions and color descriptions that will help you put Stewart A. Swerdlow’s teachings into practice.
View more books: Book Archive
How do I use a Gravatar to show my photo/image?

Your Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.

To get your own gravatar go to http://en.gravatar.com/ and click Sign In at the top right. If you don’t already have a wordpress.com account, create one, activate it and login.

Next, click Add a New Image and upload a photo or image from your PC. Click Crop and Finish and give the gravatar a G rating.

Your photo should now show on expansions.com (and any other site allowing gravatars) when you post or comment.

How Expansions Works

How can I ask Stewart or Janet a question?

A site membership is a great way to gain daily interaction with Janet and Stewart on their personal blogs, affirmations and the Q&A blog. For more specific and personal questions, you will need a Personal Consultation.

How does Chat work?

When an operator is available to assist you, the Chat box will have ‘Hello’ written within it. Click on the Chat box and a small screen will appear for you to fill in your name and email. After filling in the information click ‘send chat request’, an operator will then answer your request as soon as possible, and begin a chat session with you. The operators can answer the questions you may have with navigating the website, product questions, and general information requests regarding the website.

How do the Live Webinars work?

After signing up for a Self-Healing Group webinar here – you will receive an email with an invitation to join the webinar at the scheduled time. You will need a microphone to participate. A video cam is not mandatory but needed to be seen.

Should I "Speak with a VIP" before Janet or Stewart?

Are you unsure about how to proceed? What to do to get your basic issues sorted?  Our VIP Members have been there & done that. They are Members of our Oversoul Mastermind Group and advanced students of Hyperspace Oversoul work. They have been Specifically Approved by Janet & Stewart to work with you.

This is a great way to begin your quest into discovering your True Self and unlocking Your True Potential.

Sponsorships, Donations & Gift Certificates

How can I sponsor an Expansions event?

You need to know who you want to ask to come to your event.

You must be able to market the event to your audience, plus it will be listed on all of Expansions’ Internet resources.

You must have a venue; approximate date; length and subjects you want Stewart and/or Janet to speak about.

How can I donate to the Expansions Prison Program?

You can donate through our Go Fund Me Campaign

Or send money va PayPal to our Paypal account: [email protected]

and state what it is for.

Will you send books to incarcerated individuals for me?

No, the request must come from the individual that is incarcerated.

How can I donate or will something to Expansions?

Simply click on the Donate button at the bottom of any page at expansions.com.


How does an Email Personal Consultation work?
  • Email gives you a written report that you can refer back to over & over again.
  • You send in your questions and you will receive an email back with the answers.
  • Usually you will need a minimum of a 60 minute consultation.
What is the wait time for a Personal Consultation?

Depending on the demands on the schedule, your Personal Phone or Skype Consultation may be scheduled in 2- 6 weeks.


What is a scan?

Janet or Stewart  look at your specific frequency and write up a report of the most pertinent aspects of what they see relating to the specific scan ordered. Each Scan has a specific format and there is no interaction or additional information added. These can be addressed in a personal consultation.

What long does it take to receive my scan/report?

Depending on the demands on the scheduling and/or receipt of an email, your scan or report may take up to  4 – 8 weeks.

Please contact us with any questions you think should be included here.

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