It seems that everyone I talk to is experiencing great change in their life. Many people I know are moving back to their roots in various ways. Either back to their country or suburb of birth or where they spent most of their childhood, close to parents and some are also moving back in with their parents.

This is about reconnecting to who we are and is an opportunity for healing, though healing can also be challenging, even traumatic. I don’t particularly like to use that description, but trauma does indicate that there will be sudden and immense change.

Things can also occur in unexpected ways. This challenges us to step outside of the box to see a different perspective; which gives an opportunity to create new pathways in your grey matter as well as bring about shifts in what might feel like a stagnant life.

I have a friend who is currently going through grief and contacts me every day to tell me of the things he has done differently. This came about naturally as a result of a loss in his life and I’m encouraging him to continue this new path as it’s helping him to work through his grief.

Whenever there is change in our life it’s important to allow ourselves to grieve. Whether it’s moving home, leaving a relationship, changing jobs or career. Change can be challenging and it’s important to be compassionate with yourself.

I’m going through my own grieving process having moved back to be close to my parents. Mum is in hospital. I’m delving into my career in new and challenging ways and meeting new people after a decade of isolation.

What do you do when stressed?

The first thing I do is whatever is necessary to keep moving in a proactive way. I know from past experiences that I pull to and do what has to be done. It’s afterwards that I tend to fall back to what’s comfortable. What’s comfortable for you that you fall back on when stressed? I made a call to someone I hadn’t spoken to in a long time and that told me there’s still a psychic connection there.

I use many mental techniques for grounding, balancing my brain, centering and protecting myself. I also use essential oils and I have a range that I can turn to, depending upon what’s going on.

DōTERRA have a lovely blend called Whisper that I find soothingly musky. It always brings a gentle smile to my face or when really stressed, I can feel the smile is there, even if it doesn’t show.

I have my own personal anger blend that I’ve formulated as well as a fear blend.

DōTERRA have Clary Calm, great for balancing mood, as well as Balance, InTune for focus, Vetiver for calming, grounding and focusing, Lavender Peace, another one that can melt hard stress. The list goes on. Oh! I haven’t said that for a while! LOL!!

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