I recently posted on my Facebook page about fennel. This oil has had such a tremendous impact on me, from a single inhalation, that I felt drawn to research it some more.

I had been away in the country for some respite and ended up staying 3 nights. It was the second night that I became aware of a subtle black mood, but it didn’t go any further than that. It was the last night I was there that it hit me suddenly. I had only a few oils with me and not the ones I would usually reach for. Normally this scenario would have me descending into high anxiety. I didn’t go there this time. WooHOO!!

I describe this mood as black because it’s a conglomeration of a number of feelings including depression, anger, confusion, frustration, resentment, there’s probably more in there I have yet to identify. It’s the anger in this mix that makes my black mood potentially dangerous. Anger can be unpredictable. This mix also has the propensity to develop suicidal thoughts and feelings. It’s my dedication to self work that enabled me to keep my mind functioning in a logical way. I kept asking myself questions and making firm decisions. Being active is important as it’s when we are idle that our feelings can get the better of us.

I thought this feeling would dissipate once I left to come home. That didn’t happen and upon arriving I sensed that little had changed, I felt oppressed. That’s a word I have never used before to describe my feelings and it concerned me. I realised I was standing in my bedroom listening to the movements of the other person in the house and I was tense and even frightened. This was me allowing my feelings to take over and they were sending me into a rapid downward spiral.

I opened up my boxes of oils, not sure what I was looking for and aware that I didn’t want to do anything, even something as simple as what I was doing. I was in a destructive mind pattern.

I reached for fennel, wondered why and almost put it back. It was that pause in which I decided to act, take the lid off and inhale. Immediately my emotions cleared and my stomach felt full. The next thing I knew I was heading back to my computer to create a FB post on fennel. It was through that research that I understood that fennel has the ability to encourage productivity and that was certainly evident from my experience.

Guests arrived and I was aware that I had decided to stay glued to my computer when I heard one of the guests say something that drew my attention. Once again I hesitated to consider what to do and in that moment I acted and was out there saying hello. It was wonderful time spent chatting with women I haven’t seen in 40yrs! My mood had certainly changed and I went out that evening to attend a business meeting. I had a great night!

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning, detoxing heavily and only on the second day of my fast, and I got straight into work. It’s been a productive day and that’s exactly one of the properties fennel is said to have; enlivening and motivating, while enhancing confidence. Put all of those together and you have a productive day.

It’s this aspect of fennel that has me wondering how did it produce such a dramatic change in my mood.

This essential oil comes from the seed of the fennel plant. Seeds hold the energy of potential and creativity and that’s how it worked for me.

Fennel, Foeniculum vulgare has a number of monoterpenes which have a refreshing, uplifting and energising action. There is a trace amount of the alcohol fenchol, which has the ability to re-establish equilibrium, although fenchol is mainly used in the perfumery business for its aromatic properties. There are three main phenylpropanoids which are known for acting on the digestive system, autonomic nervous system as well as stress-modulating. There is also a trace amount of the aldehyde anisaldehyde, which is calming to both the central and autonomic nervous systems.

Fennel has many actions and I’ve focused on those which assisted me emotionally/mentally.

Science has tried isolating specific chemicals from essential oils only to discover that isolating them changes the outcome. Essential oils are pure, well, the essential oils I work with are pure, and that means they are complete within themselves. They work as a synergy which means that individual chemicals within each oil either support, enhance, neutralise, suppress, or have no impact upon each other. They work together in a way that science is unable to replicate.

While I have a better idea of how fennel changed my mood so swiftly, I know there is more to it.

I’ve used this oil in water as a sweetener, and it has the added benefit of supporting my digestive system, nervous system, reducing sweet cravings. It has other actions such as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, bronchodilator, detoxifier, emmenagogue and galactagogue.

I have yet to do a deeper study of this oil myself and I can tell you, that’s when the magic will happen 🙂

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