Part 2

Only you can dismantle the situation, whether it is mental or physical. Everybody and everything else is only a crutch/aid/support that ultimately can only re-direct you back inside of yourself. You got where you are by yourself, you have to get out of there by yourself. You may create support to help you move on, but only you can actually do it. This is your task; this is your mission. It may not be as grandiose an objective as you would like, but the ultimate journey truly is and only can be fulfilled by you.

You are your own guru/teacher/healer. Only you can “fix” any imbalances. If someone else comes in and does it for you, then he/she learns—not you. You may find that healing yourself is not fun or pleasant; you may find that it is a struggle. You may find people who say “let me do it for you.” Let me touch you and it will go away. Let me say a magic jingle, or light candles, chant, or anything else their imaginations can come up with. That may sound more interesting to you, and more exciting to you, then you doing your own boring work. And, of course, it definitely sounds much easier than you doing it yourself!

A balanced life is not just about “happiness” –a balanced life is a myriad of emotions and experiences so that you enjoy the full embodiment of what this reality has to offer. “Happiness” is a much overrated catch-word that is not a “stand-alone” emotion. It needs support and grounding from a myriad of other emotions and life experiences. The garden of your life is deeply enriched by the manure that is used to fertilize it.

Stop looking for a “healer” to help you. Another person can help direct you to where you need to be, or help you determine how to unravel the tangle that your life has become. Sometimes you “cannot see the forest for the trees”—you are simply too close and too involved to be able to see how you got to where you are. Then, allow the strength of your mind-pattern to pull the correct information to you that helps get you through your muddle. But, no one else can do it for you. You may garner tools “here and there” but you are the only one that can use them. No one else can use them for you. (cont’d)


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