Over the last few weeks I have been reading a book which is titled ‘The 5th Wave’ by Rick Yancey. It is fictional story set in a dystopian world where the earth has been decimated by an alien invasion scenario. Surprise, Surprise! Have we heard this before? Lol

Anyway, the main theme of the book which was unexpected for me is that…. ‘It is not what is happening outside of us that is most important, but what is happening inside of us that ultimately counts’. That is what the characters begin to learn as the story unfolds, realising that the real frontier or battle being fought for who and what we are is happening internally on a mental and emotional level . Through the circumstances set before them the characters see and learn about the blind spots in their thinking and early on how they implicitly trust what they are told rather then learn to question.

They learn to sharpen their wits and expand their understanding which helps them find the meaning of ‘what is really going on’ and the focus and action needed to rise to the challenge which the invaders were not counting on. The characters, through the challenges they face develop the needed internal strength and fortitude to keep going, they learn about how fear affects them, when, who and how to trust or not. The choice between  movement or no movement and ‘is this correct or not’. And, how some people shut down in the face of extreme challenges and difficulties, and yet others choose to get through and out to the others side becoming stronger.

Anyway, they begin to realise that one of the main goals of the invaders after they have created physical decimation over the earth is to infiltrate the minds of the remaining people, they who are the stronger ones. They begin to learn that how they think and respond becomes of crucial importance and that their own minds are not turned against them individually or towards each other if they are to keep in strong in self and with the group. .

I am only part way through the story but it is clear to me that these characters are learning the game that is happening all around them, how it is being played, discovering this they then develop their own meaning and purpose and how to best respond.

This got me thinking on the nature of healing, growth and awareness – life. That yes, we must process our inner pain, yes we must take responsibility and step up but ultimately we must discover the positive purpose and meaning of the events of our lives and what is going on around us and HOW it has contributed to our growth and awareness…how did it benefit us??, why did I need this for my own good or balance in life?. You must learn to answer these questions for you and then act on this information for the benefit of yourself and others! This is so important and paramount for the times we live in I believe. For me, this is true healing.

For instance, and as a simple example I know that my past abuse and traumas from childhood have given me a sensitivity to life and people which you could look on as a hindrance and a negativity and on one level… yes, early on it made my reactions more negative and volatile towards others who I felt transgressed me and my path in some way. But these past experiences of trauma created a depth in me that I was able to begin to turn around and use it as an ally and a spiritual growth tool once I started to seriously process my inner pain.

So, in my mind this is the balance that it gave me, the positive it offered me. And, it has ultimately helped me deepen my connection with self and spiritual source, and develop and strengthen my own sense of meaning and purpose in life which you can’t get from reading about it. This has served me massively in such a positive way. But, yes this does take work, effort and action but the rewards are worth it.

And, the results from this sort of inner ‘work’ give you the necessary fuel, motivation, strength and fortitude and ‘feeling’ to keep growing and going. I would just like to remind that studies have shown that the brain learns more by ‘experience’ rather then ‘reflection’. So it is your action, behaviour and ‘doing’ which will really help you along at a quicker pace.

When I think about it, ‘meaning and positive purpose’ are the most confused frequencies on the planet more so then anything else, so we cannot act effectively. Confusion, disinformation, misinformation is rampant everywhere, what is real and what is not?, The frequency of truth, meaning and purpose is scattered and tossed about like leaves on the wind so you are constantly going here , there and everywhere to grasp it, never reaching it. Then tired confused and deflated we put our hand out to receive the crumbs off the table of ‘reality’ which is a last resort, never questioning that the table is faulty, that it is falling apart, and in fact it was always broken and flawed!! This is going to be in our face more over the next few years.

When you don’t claim your own understanding around the events of your life, what they mean for you, and how it has served you in a positive way then you can either shut down any idea of purpose or meaning, or you open the door for someone, or something else to fill the space with whatever is THEIR meaning and purpose for you, tying you into THEIR frequencies then leading you where they want. This can be programming or just as simple as following the crowd, doing what someone tells you without questioning it, giving in to peer pressure whether real or imagined with family, partners, friends or colleagues. The list could go on.

They say that ‘Knowledge is power”. This is not true…. it is Knowledge with ACTION that is powerful.

I could have the biggest library in all of existence with the most exquisite life enhancing information but if I do not read it then put it into action, then it means nothing, zero, naught!. It sits there and doesn’t benefit anyone or anything that is the bottom line.

How have you discovered the meaning and positive purpose of the events of your life? By putting your insights and understandings into action, how has it helped you, strengthened you?

What was it that got you looking for the meaning or the deeper purpose behind the events of your life, how has this been a positive for you, balanced you or benefited you ?

Once you found it or understood it, what did you do with it, how did you act on it?  What was the outcome for you and others around you as a result of this?

I will leave you with a quote from the book ‘The 5th Wave’ by Rick Yancey. This comes from one of the main characters in the story and how she is becoming stronger because of her experiences….

‘It is the strong who remain, the bent but unbroken, like the iron rods that used to give this concrete it’s strength. What doesn’t kill us, sharpens us, Hardens us, Schools us. You’re beating ploughshares into swords. You are remaking us. We are the clay, and you are Michelangelo. And we will be your masterpiece’ 


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