Are you curious about “Irradia Spouses”  and what they have to say?

Stewart interviewed Ziria for the first time over 1 year ago in Russia, bringing her story to the world. Since that time many others have interviewed her but always with an agenda, treating her and her then partner like they were “a show” for others entertainment.

Since this initial interview, Ziria is now with a new partner who will join her for the first time in this FREE GOLD MEMBER WEBINAR.

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What IS Radiation and should we be as terrified of it as we are led to believe by global handlers?

Ziria claims that she and her partner consume it and that it actually sustains her on a higher level.

What do YOU think?

IS this possible?

What is their opinion on Fukushima?

This is going to be even more intense and thought-provoking than Stewart’s first interview.

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