Part 1

There is only ONE thing you need to know about permanent weight loss, and it’s FREE! You already own it ! No one wants you to use this because then they can’t sell you everything else. Tips are now rampant throughout the media, from Internet to television to magazines, touting how to eat less, lose weight so you look better for the new year, vacations, as well as the upcoming spring and summer. In addition they tell you to exercise more, harder, longer, etc.

They want you to buy their weight loss products from pre-packaged meals to pills and vitamins to exercise equipment. January is the month where they rope you in, as this constant media pressure fills you with guilt and tension when you try to live up to these artificially implemented standards. None of this works! AND it is expensive and time-consuming!

What do you already own that no one can take away from you? Your OWN MIND filled with all the mind-patterns that you have already created! Mind-pattern is everything. If you are eating too much, then you are trying to fill the empty holes in your life. If you are too heavy, then you are insulating against the life you have. If you need more physical exercise, then this means you need more mental exercise—a strong, well-exercised mind is outpictured in a strong well-exercised physical body. Strong mind = strong body.

January is the first month of the new year, when you can really delve into the mind-pattern behind your physical issues. The physical is simply another reminder that your mental house needs to be put in order. Release the need for fancy diets and complicated exercise programs that eventually fall by the wayside as the strength of the old mind-pattern takes over your new resolve. Take the simple, easy road.

Use your mind to release the tension of eating which in turn releases the mind-pattern that holds onto the food in an incorrect way within your physical body. Create a new mind-pattern that lets the food nourish and flow through the body in appropriate proportions for you. (con’t)



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