Part 2

Your mind is now in control of the food, rather than vice versa. As you learn more about your mind and emotions, you release the need to overindulge. Eating becomes a natural part of life instead of one more thing that you can use to feel bad about yourself. Develop a new attitude for the new year and enjoy wonderful new beginnings filled with everything you love, including good food.

Don’t let the powers-that-be continue to strip away your self-esteem and ability to feel good about yourself. Every body outpictures the owner—you don’t have to look like the pictures in magazines and television. Be who you are and the body follows. Be proud to be YOU!

Release your negative self-talk with this affirmation :

I now have a magnificently healthy, well-nourished, strong body and mind!

Now reap the physical benefits of your own mental work within Your Own Mind–FOR FREE!


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