IT WORKS is an amazing company with the all famous body wraps that tighten, tone, and firm anywhere on your body! They also carry many all natural products that will amaze you such as skin care that will turn back the clock and lifestyle benefits such as go greens that give you 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day! With such effective products this is one of the fastest growing companies of 2015 🙂 Contact me for details or visit my website.  Jodi Swerdlow


Big S Business from Simon Swerdlow

Simon & Emily Swerdlow

“My cousin, Simon Swerdlow, from Belarus and Florida, has created a new project called – Big S Business. The idea is to help people create the businesses and careers that they LOVE.”
Stewart Swerdlow

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Janet & Stewart say, “We have tried a variety of these HeliosBliss soaps and found them all to be wonderfully refreshing and even healing to damaged and/or sensitive skin.  We highly recommend these products from personal experience…but we invite you to try them so you can decide for your Self! Fantastic Gift Idea!”

HeliosBliss soaps are all home/handmade, not containing any chemicals that are usually used in commercial soaps such as SLS and Paraben; they are totally chemical-free. Our soaps contain Israeli highest quality saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Some of the soaps contain various detoxifying clays, such as Moroccan Red Clay, French Green Clay, Dead Sea Mineral Mud…Our soaps are the most pure and all natural Castile soaps that you will find.

Our HeliosBliss pure Castile soaps are available to buy at:

For Introductory promo coupon codes where you can save up to 40% contact [email protected]  or direct message their Etsy store:



Disks Etc. LLC a company set forth to be your company’s technology solution provider.

Disks Etc. LLC operated by Michael A. Venianakis provides Computer Sales and Repair (remote assistance available), specializing in the sales of Hewlett Packard Business Line of Desktops, Laptops, Workstations, All-in-Ones, and Servers. Also recognized as a Certified Apple Consultant, Disks Etc, speaks both languages, and as an affiliate can help you with your Apple Computer Purchases and Network Designs. Microsoft Office365 partnered as well, Disks Etc. can help you put together an Email solution that’s right for your business.

 Disks Etc. is also partnered with 2 leading VOiP providers. What is VOiP? In fewer words it is Digital Telephone Service. Hosted Services give you the advantage of a full scale corporate telephone system without the need of owning a telephone system. Simply plug the phones into your internet connection, and you are connected.

 If you accept credit cards or would like to accept credit cards, Disks Etc. is partnered with that as well. Already accept? How about an analysis to make sure you are not being overcharged? It is really like car insurance you should shop around every 3 to 4 years. Accept credt cards on your mobile device or with credit card machines. Be sure to keep all your revenue streams open and ready for intake.

Solution Assistance available with Audio/Visual Equipment, High Definition Surveillance Camera System, and Home Automation.

 Whether you are a business or individual, Disks Etc. is your choice for quality.

 Michael Venianakis
Technology For Your World @ 
Disks Etc. LLC
[email protected]

Janet & Stewart have known Michael A. Venianakis for over a decade. This is what they have to say about him, “Michael is a person of high integrity.  He’s a great guy who works diligently to get the job done.  You can trust Michael’s word–he will tell you the truth and honor  his contracts!”

 RADIATION is a major buzz word…and everyone tells you to be frightened of it….EXCEPT “SPOUSES IRRADIA”.  

Learn more about who and what they are, the message they say they came to Earth to share, and how YOU can support their research in their ground-breaking claims about RADIATION’S POSITIVE EFFECTS.

Stewart and Janet haven’t made a decision …but they are listening with open minds…



by Naini Nakagawa, Janet & Stewart’s New York City Sponsor


Bosnian Pyramids General & Volunteer Information

Janet & Stewart believe that this is currently THE most important archeological site of our time.

Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation

Zmaja od Bosne 4/X

71000 Sarajevo


(for volunteer’s applications)


Beautiful, Handmade Winged Lion Sculptures.  Janet and Stewart have many of Lisa’s works in their home.  The frequency of these sculptures enhances your home and quality of life.   [email protected]


Beautiful statues from the Inuit Native Peoples.  Support Indigenous Cultures.  Janet and Stewart purchased these handmade sculptures to help support and hold the frequency of the Inuit Native Peoples here on this Earth. [email protected]


A fascinating read!  New York Police Office Anthea Appel chronicles her personal experiences of the infamous  9/11 incident destined to change the face of America forever.  [email protected]


Animal Totem Report  Direct from Russia by

Alexey Medvedev ,  Janet and Stewart’s Russian Sponsor For further information or to order an individual Personality Chart of Animalistic Totems or/and a Totemic Chart of Development you need to know your exact time of birth (+/-5 minutes), the geographical location. Special Introductory Rate $98.00

Contact Alexey here to place your order:  [email protected]


  Infinity Dry Wash

Recommended by our Friend Arne of Norway.

Arne says: “If you still have not tried it out on the sink, frig, bathroom tiles, shower etc., mirrors or windows of the cabinets or other hard surfaces, well then its about time for it now. NO HARSH CHEMICALS!
100% eco-friendly products. Cleans, polishes and protects at the same time in 1 operation! without the use of water. Just use 2 microfiber towels, 1 for wiping/cleaning of the spray and 1 for polishing. Results, FANTASTIC!!”


Arne says: “Xplocial is for people who love discounts when shopping either it is travel, cruises, car rental, events, restaurants, electronics or grocery. You pay US29 each month and have access to an unlimited number of certificates, ready for use! If any one likes to make a Home Business with Xplocial, add another US25 per month to easily build a residual monthly Income. This is a win-win thing because you do not push any products that people don’t want; you actually help people to save money with coupons! How cool is that!”


Eco-Friendly Household Products

Ionic Footbath; Air Purification System; Environmentally Friendly Zone Heating; PowerwoRx to remove dirty electricity; Purewash eco laundry system; Vitamix.

Janet & Stewart have many of these products—Ionic Footbath, Air Purification System; PowerwoRx, and water purification system.

Janet & Stewart say: “Patricia knows her stuff! We trust her research and have been extremely happy with the products that she has guided us into. She is great at fitting products/services with people—this is why we grabbed her up to join our Team when the opportunity presented itself!” 

Contact Patricia [email protected] to hear more about any of her fabulous products.

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