2017 ended on a high with my trip to Nevis in the West Indies, which is the remnant mountain tip of Atlantis. There was a small, but amazing group of us from Expansions and most of us participated in the Investiture ceremony into SMOKH – Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope.

I am now officially; Dr Rev Dame Narelle Alexandra Carter. No, you don’t need to bow to me. I received my PhD in Essential Oils and De-programming and have continued to assist people with de-programming via my unique method of using essential oils for holistic healing.

While on the island of Nevis I received training in using Dr Charles McWilliams’ Jade Machine, which he created. It’s designed for non-surgical facial uplift that we witnessed producing WOW results within 20mins.

With my knowledge of mind pattern and release work I can take you through a Jade Machine session and gently educate you on how to make these sessions hold longer. Of course, you may want me to be quiet and just allow you to experience WOW results without any mind work. That is ok too!

I had a session myself and my sensitive awareness of my body enabled me to experience release elsewhere just from having the muscles around my face relax.

Think about this. Whenever we are stressed we pull a facial expression. Over time those expressions take their toll and produce tensions and knots in our face, which result in wrinkles. I had no idea how much tension was held in the face until I felt it on someone else. Oh my, the Jade Machine truly produces WOW results that can be felt throughout your body.

It also works on the lymphatic system and scars.

I’ll be in Michigan this coming week and will be available to give sessions.

Am I bringing a machine home to Australia? That is still a possibility. However, I may be going back to Nevis to work and further educate myself.

This is 2018, an exciting year of double new beginnings and my life is beginning to come together!

What’s happening in your life?

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