When we did our lecture in Istanbul, the room was packed with wonderful Turkish people who were interested in alternative information and truth. As I spoke, I noticed a man in the audience who was sitting with his girlfriend. They were a beautiful pair. That sat behind my Romanian friends who had traveled to Istanbul to see me.

There was something about this man that was energetic and mysterious. He reminded me of someone. Something. What?

After the lecture, as usual, I was mobbed by the people. This man and his female friend came over to me. They introduced themselves. He was a good friend of my sponsor, Farah Yurdouzu. Farah is well-known around the world as a Turkish paranormal investigator and TV hostess on Bengu Turk, the main TV station in Turkey.

The man is Cenk Yuksel. He is a very famous singer/ entertainer in Turkey. He sings in several languages and has performed all over Turkey, Europe and even in NYC.  We did a selfie. We have remained friends. He is a counter tenor/ tenor, known in the music world as angelic in sound.

To me, his voice is amazing. He should be a global mega-star! I could listen to his angelic voice all day. He can sing in Turkish, English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, and French. Not only is he talented, he is kind, considerate, humane, and determined to make this planet wonderful for all people.

Below I post Cenk in his own words. I also post several of his videos, which I encourage all of you to see and hear. What is even more amazing, is that his birthday is August 12—Montauk Day! That makes him extremely interdimensional. More so, his family origins are from Russia, like mine! How more perfect can he be!! J


Cenk Yuksel is a singing artist with a passion for sustainability. After graduating with a

degree as a first counter tenor student in State Conservatory Singing from Istanbul

Technical University and also Opera Singing department from Istanbul University, he

began his career as a choir, singer, and singing teacher in Istanbul in Turkey. Starting

to his music career at very early age as a chorister and soloist Cenk Yuksel, he

worked as a contractual artist at Istanbul State Opera and ballet during his

conservatory studies.

Being completed the Conservatory Postgraduate at the University of Halic, the artist

also studied Istanbul University Sociology department onto going to do work on behalf

of an infrastructure doctorate in music sociology.

Also at the same time, he took some classes of Modern Dance from Ballerina Kaya

Ilhan, acting and diction from the theatre artists Tilbe Saran and Can Gurzap.

Being worked as a chorister and soloist at the TRT Chores, the artist gave concerts

with the famous musicians Fahir Atakoglu and Fazil Say at the most prestigious halls.

At the same time, he also has been carrying on his career in Pop music, the years

between 2006-2009, he worked at Tarkan Tevetoglu’s Orchestra who is Turkey’s mega

star singer.

In 2009, his album named ‘’Vura Vura’’and after this album he accomplished the

project named ‘’Yesilcam Sarkilari’ he gave pop and classical music concerts in Turkey

and in the world classification mainly, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Russia,

Romania, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.

In 2007, he shared the same stage with the famous artists Hayko Cepkin, Pamela

Spence, Demir Demirkan, Demet Evgar for Rock Musicals project at the Harbiye

Open-Air Theatre and also he acted as a main actor at “ilk Askim” (my first love) Tv


At Rock Class social responsibility project, he worked with the famous artists

Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi, Aylin Aslim, Cahit Berkay and he sang two songs at this project.

Also,the movie called ‘’ Bir Avuc Deniz’ the soundtrack by pianist Sabri Tulug Tirpan

and the actors who played Engin Altan Duzyatan and Berrak Tuzunatac, he sang the

Aria ‘Orkideci’ as a Counter tenor at the final stage .

In 2013, as a director, supervisor and music director, his own project called ‘YESIL

CAM MUSICAL’ were taken place at Lutfi Kirdar convention and exhibition centre by

Doga Collage, the artist still works as a singing teacher and General Art Director.

As a result of taking some self-improvement trainings domestic and internationally, he

give seminars and institutional trainings about Voice-Breath, Body Language and

Communication, Stress and Anger management, the effects of the Makam music on

the human psychology.

Recently, he has started to study as a special guest student, PhD degree for Business

Administration at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul. At the same time, he has been

working as a academic singing teacher and general director at Doga College and also

giving private singing lesson to theatre students at the conservatory of Sadri Alisik.

Furthermore, recently he has been working on his musical project called Imaria

Project that themed for stop violence against women.

CENK YUKSEL’s Experience

2012-Present Istanbul, teacher in Private Doga College (www.dogakoleji.com)

2006-2012 Istanbul, Founder and teacher in a private music school, Singing Education.

2009 Istanbul, First solo album, ‘’Vura Vura’’

2009 Istanbul, Counter tenor aria in soundtrack of the movie ‘’Bir Avuç Deniz’’

2006-2009 Istanbul, Back Vocal in Turkish Pop Star Tarkan’s Orchestra

2007 Istanbul, Musical actor in Rock Musicals, Harbiye Outdoor Stage

2007 Istanbul, Leading role in TV Film ‘’İlk Aşkım’’

2007 Istanbul, Singer of the Rock Classroom Album, Social Responsibility Project

2002 Istanbul, İstanbul State Opera & Ballet – Contract Artist,

2002 Istanbul, Turkish National Radio and Television – Classical Music Chorus

CENK YUKSEL’s Training courses

2006 St. Petersburg, Singing and Voice Health Workshop

2004 Istanbul, Drama, pronunciation and articulation workshop with actor Mr.Can


2003 İstanbul, The Body of the acting workshop with Drama Actress Mrs.Tilbe Saran and

Ballerina Mrs.Kaya Ilhan

CENK YUKSEL’s Education

2016- Present YIldiz Technical University, Phd degree i Business Administration


2008- 2011 Halic University Social Sciences Institute, Master Degree in Conservatory

(Post Graduate)

2000-2006 Istanbul Technical University, State Conservatory, Vocal Department


2002-2004 Istanbul University, State Conservatory Opera Deparment (Bachelor)

1998-2000 Balıkesir University, Business Administration Associate Degree



2004 Istanbul, Berkant Memorial Night Concert,

2005 Istanbul, Maltepe Avsar Primary School Concert,

2006 Istanbul, Doga College-Judo Tournaments,

Additional Information:

Languages: Turkish (Native), English (Upper-Intermediate),Italian (Beginner)

Web Site: www.cenkyuksel.net , www.imariaproject.com

E-mail: [email protected] ,[email protected]

Mobile: +90 530 516 6454

References: References are available on request.

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