What if you could ask the most renowned medical intuitive, able to see auric fields, personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns, about ANY situation, person, decision, plan or challenge in your life?


Now you can!

Internationally known medical intuitive and clairvoyant Stewart A. Swerdlow

Conducting private, individual coaching – full-day personal retreats.


 Spend a Day with Stewart Personal Retreat

This is a great day journey into your own self discovery!


Spend a Day with Stewart is designed to help you:

1. Take your life and career from “good to GREAT.”
2. Create a powerful roadmap of your Next 12 Months.
3. Bring you Peace of Mind and unleash your creative powers during times of major change.

Wouldn’t you like a highly detailed roadmap for the next year of your life laid in front of you?

This is an extremely intense program for those people who want some one-on-one time to get their lives jumpstarted!

Your day actually begins before you come, as Stewart spends three full days compiling your reports that he personally presents to you.

The “Name Energy Scan” is based upon your complete birth frequency and encompasses your reason for being.

The “Mansion of your Soul Scan” talks about your personal residence; its positive and negative influences; what you can do to enhance the positive and delete the negative.

The “Complete Body Scan” looks at every chakra band, detailing what is out of balance and outlining a regimen of how to get it in balance.Stewart also determines your ”Personal Number and Color Codes” and explains how to use them.

He creates a list of “Future Choices and Suggestions” to help guide you into the next year.

Stewart also determines your ”Hyperspace Signature” which is a set of Archetypes (geometric shapes) upon which your entire mind -pattern is based.  He then instructs you on how to change it to your benefit.

You also receive a “Goal Hyperspace Signature” to show you how you can change Archetype placements and colors to shift your entire life.

You will also receive a “Programming Scan” with information about your specific programming and deprogramming techniques that aid in re-claiming and re-integrating your soul-personality so that you can accomplish what you came here to do.

As you absorb the information from this fantastic experience you will have shifts in your energy and additional questions will arise, therefore you also receive a ”60 Minute Follow Up Phone Call or Email Consultation“  to answer your leftover questions.

In addition, during your “8 hours of private time” with him, he gives you the answers and information that you need for the next 12 months of your life and beyond.

Your day begins at 9AM and ends at 5PM, and includes a “private lunch” at the Swerdlow’s home so that you can continue your discussion with him without interruption. Your lunch is prepared by Janet, specifically to support the needs of your frequency.

These reports, plus a day long consultation with Stewart is truly a phenomenal offer! This is a day that will give you the most comprehensive status of your Soul Being. Why you came into this existence, where you are on your path, options to correct or enhance your current status; physical, emotional & spiritual. No one reveals your truth to the degree that Stewart does, with compassion, empathy & honesty.

Due to the immense demand on Stewart’s schedule, the availability of these full day sessions is limited to 12 per year. Be sure to reserve your “Day” NOW!

Only  4 days still available for “Spend A Day With Stewart Private Retreat” in 2013. After the twelfth person has registered and been accepted, the doors will be closed until 2014.

This is an extremely intense personal retreat, intended for the serious-minded only.

Ask about:

Full day w/reports

Full day – no reports

Modified  – Reports Plus 2 hr ph/Skype + 1 additional hr follow up

Once your registration is confirmed, a mutually beneficial date will be chosen for your “Spend A Day With Stewart Private Retreat”.

Contact: Patricia [email protected]

269-519-8036 /Skype: eventsatexpansions

*International callers: Please make an appointment for skype or phone

**3-month payment plans available