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Peace in the world
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Peace in the World

There can only be
Peace in the world
When there is peace
Within every boy and every girl.

The outer world
Will reflect back
Your inner peace
And that’s a fact.

There can only be
Peace in the land
When there is peace
Withiin every woman and every mna

The outer world
Will reflect back
Your inner peace
And that’s a fact

Verse 1:

There is only one
Place to start,
Thats right here
Deep within your heart

If you are angry
Let it go
If you are sad, then
You really need to know.

There is no need
For you to pretend,
Talk about your feeling
Share them with a friend

Tell someone else
About what troubles you
This is one of the most
Important things that you can do


Verse 2:
Work out your issues,
As they come aloong
Pull out your hidden thoughts
To make yourself quite strong.

Knowing who you are
Gives you peace inside
No matter what you find
There;s no need to hide.


Everyone’s a package
With lots of ups and downs
Some days lots of smiles
Some days lots of frowns

Make peace with
Who you fin dinside
And peacefull feelings will
Ripple out like the tide.