Most people think in terms of linear logic because this is the way they are trained. . Linear logic means that if you do “x” then “y” will follow. For example, if you study hard in school (x) then you will get good grades (y).  Or, if you put a pot of water on a hot burner (x) then the water will eventually boil. The world is full of such neat and precise logical situations, always moving you from Point A to Point B to Point C and so forth, in a straight “linear” line.

There are numerous books designed to teach you how to think using linear logic. The entire educational system enforces linear logic. The more education you have the more linear logic is expected of you. After all, how can you function unless you can project what effect “x” will have on “y”?

Studying linear logic (x) effects you by narrowing your focus away from multidimensional logic (y) – another brilliant and well-implemented plan to keep you away from the capabilities of your true self.  Because you are so accustomed to thinking linearly, thinking in multidimensional logic, which is your natural state, becomes a challenge.

Always remember that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and as such, whatever is within God-Mind is within you. God-Mind does not “think” in linear terms. This is why events in your life appear to happen haphazardly. From a linear logical standpoint, there is no order, only chaos.

To truly understand the scenario of life, one must move into the True Nature of True Reality, which does not run in a straight line from Point A to Point B to Point C. This is why you can plan and plan, and plan some more, yet what you think is going to happen never happens, or happens in a completely different way than you ever imagined. This is because you live in a linear box. (cont’d)