Part 2

True geniuses always think “outside the box” – the linear box, that is. True geniuses do not let the constraints of the educational system box them in. They constantly daydream and allow their minds to wander into the world of “what if” without limitations. They get off the linear line. True greats are often described as “they did it their own way” or “they had their own style” or even, “they were completely self-taught.”

When you put your requests out to your Oversoul and God-Mind, sometimes it appears that your requests are denied or not even heard. This is because once you do this, you create a picture in your own mind of how and when your request will be answered. In True Reality, as soon as you make the request there is an answer, but most of the time you do not recognize it.

If you request a beautiful new car but do not know how to drive, manifesting one immediately might not be the most appropriate action for you at the moment. Maybe your personality is rash and would not properly handle the responsibility of piloting a mass of steel down the highway. Maybe your personality would need some adjustments before you could even deal with a driving instructor. Maybe your area does not have proper roads. Or, maybe the roads you have will soon be under construction, but you do not know this yet.

Maybe if you have a car too soon, someone might get hurt. Maybe “your car” is not ready for you yet—the correct frequency of your vehicle is extremely important since your car is an outpicturing of you. This list of “maybes” can go on and on, and “maybe” all of the above describes you! So, before the car manifests, you have a lot to get in order. (con’t)