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As I have also mentioned to you, I have literally seen people “go off the deep end’ after spending time with Stewart and I; they simply cannot accept others being nice to them because they cannot accept themselves.  It is easier to throw stones at us than to accept a place in this world where they are deemed “ok as is.”

This is replicated throughout society.  Power Games abound.  What can I get from you? How can I use you? Who do you know that you can connect me to? People forget that they must depend on their Oversoul and God-Mind. This is “who” they know; this is “what” can connect them; this is  what each person must “use” to get what he/she wants from life.

When I  wrote my first book I was so thrilled. I didn’t realize that the challenging part was actually selling it.  One day, I was complaining to myself about how I didn’t “know anyone” who could help me and my Oversoul said, “You have Me.”  How could I argue with that?

Yet, because we are in a human experience we want “people, places, and things” that feel more tangible in the moment.  We have to learn to rely upon our Spiritual Nature to surpass the limitations of this reality.  And this means merging with it into the totality of Self. (cont’d)